Sun Sprout Farm

Fruits and vegetables from the New York’s black dirt region


Simon Ziegler and Madeleine Banulski


Fruits & Vegetables


Certified organic


Chester, NY

Early settlers generally avoided black dirt, but friends Simon and Madeleine found the perfect spot to make their dreams of owning a farm together a dream in Chester, NY. The two friends have deep backgrounds in agriculture and organic farming, as well as community gardens and CSA programs. After years of working on other farms, they co-founded Sun Sprout Farm in 2016, growing organic varieties of seasonal vegetables and fruits for New Yorkers, as well as customers in New Jersey and Connecticut.

Simon and Madeleine grow on land leased from the Chester Agricultural Center, an initiative to preserve farmland by providing long term, stable leases for high quality farmland. Their farm sits atop black dirt, a dark, fertile soil land left behind from decade old flooding and lakes. Though rich in nutrients, this area flooded easily and drained poorly. For this reason, it was avoided by early settlers of the area. In the 19th century though, Eastern European settlers recognized this soil from areas back home, and started digging canals and ditches allowing for draining and successful farming fields. It has since become an important space, home to hundreds of farms feeding thousands of people due to its close proximity to New York City.

Sun Sprout Farm offers a variety of seasonal produce from watermelons to beets, kale, okra, peppers and more!

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