Stryker Farm

A self-taught farmer and his animals in the wooded mountain pastures


Nolan Thevenet


Heritage Pork




Saylorsburg, PA

In 2009, Nolan Thevenet was sitting in a classroom at Drexel University in Philadelphia, daydreaming about a life outdoors in his mountainous hometown of Saylorsburg, PA. In 2010, he did just that, converting his family’s 47 acres of woodland to what would soon become Stryker Farm. With no background in farming, a lot of enthusiasm, and some trial and error, Nolan started raising pigs and goats the way he thought the ought to be raised, and boy, are we glad he did.

Unlike conventional farmers, Nolan raises heritage breeds, ones that grow slow and have keen survival instincts that make them more adaptable to outdoor living. He lets his animals roam free around his pastures and woodlands, foraging for 90% of their food (the other 10% is non-GMO and antibiotic-free supplement made from the spent grains of a local brewery) and getting plenty of exercise, both of which create intramuscular fat and marbling that contribute to the tenderness and flavor and his meats. Talking to Nolan, it’s clear how much he cares for his animals - he ensures that every animal gets a diet that’s natural, nutritious, and fulfills their breed’s needs, while making sure that his animals get to be animals. After nine seasons, we’d say Nolan has definitely gotten the hang raising happy, healthy, and delicious meat.

Pulled Pork


Ready made pulled pork in organic bbq sauce from Stryker Farm's family secret recipe. Perfect for tacos, brunch, ice cream...just kidding, but pretty much anything tastes better with pulled pork!