Wilklow Orchards

The apple of our eye


Fred Wilklow


Apples, stone fruits, berries and more


Integrated pest management


Highland, NY

After six generations of family farming, Fred and the crew at Wilklow Orchards know a thing or two about growing delicious food. By combining their intergenerational knowledge of food and farming with the technical knowledge of agricultural scientists at Cornell University, Wilklow Orchards has established a system of growing that brings you some of the best, freshest, more flavorful fruits around.

When it comes to freshness and flavor, the Wilklows don’t mess around - it’s in their blood. Fred and his crew monitor every tree, vine, and bush on a daily basis so that every piece of fruit is picked at the moment of optimal sweetness, starch, and nutrition. Unlike convention farmers, Fred doesn’t harvest all his apples at the same time. Even though it’s more work, his team practices spot picking; harvesting the fruit from one tree on multiple occasions to ensure that each fruit is picked in its prime, rather than left to ripen with chemicals off the vine. And, the ecological growing practices, along with the careful attention every piece of fruit receives, means that the Wilklows can deliver healthy and delicious produce, without the waxes and sprays found on conventional produce -- now that’s sweet.

Baking Fruit (Add-On)


3lbs of New York grown fruit perfect for baking. Your fruit will be a mix of pears and apples, or all apples depending on seasonality