Pocono Organics

A regenerative, organic farm rooted in healing.


Ashley Walsh


Full-spectrum hemp


Certified organic, regenerative


Long Pond, PA

Pocono Organics was founded out of necessity. Ashley Walsh, the farms founder, was diagnosed in her late 20s with gastroparesis, which led her to believe that she would never be able to eat normally again. Unable to find any suitable treatments in traditional medicine, she opted to use lifestyle and an organic diet to relieve her symptoms. Without a local source for organic food, she decided to start on with Pocono Organics in 2015. What started on 50 acres of land in 2018 has become 381 acres, now slated to become the largest regenerative organic farm in North America.

Pocono Organics is rooted in sustainability. The entire farm and accompanying buildings are powered through solar energy, and they’ve created robust composting and growing systems to minimize their footprint. In partnership with Rodale Institute, Pocono Organics grows and studies industrial hemp, which is made into their top-of-the-line organic, full-spectrum hemp products. Unlike other products on the market, their full spectrum nano-technology allows for the anxiety- and pain-alleviating cannabinoids to bypass digestion and absorb at a 99% rate into the blood stream within a few seconds.

Hemp supports cleaner air and soil remediation. Its roots reach deep into the soil, reducing erosion and aerating the soil. The plant has the power to decontaminate soil and water, absorbing heavy metals and toxins. Poconos Organics controls their entire supply chain from seed to product, which means that no corners are cut and they can stick to the highest standard to create hemp products like none other on the market.

Pocono Organics Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture

from $70.99 per weekly harvest

Full spectrum CBD is derived from hemp and contains all the compounds of the plant: cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, essential vitamins, fatty acids, protein, and more. The cannabinoids contain less than .3% THC – not nearly enough to get you high.