Oink & Gobble Farm

Multigenerational family farming


Brent Maynard




Hormone-and-antibiotic free Turkeys


Interlaken, NY

Oink & Gobble is a multigenerational family of Amish farmers who raise hormone and antibiotic-free turkeys on open pasture. These broad-breasted turkeys are fed a natural non-GMO corn and roasted soybean diet to supplement the natural food sources that they forage from the fields and woodlands.

Oink & Gobble is part of a cooperative of farms, which is particularly important for turkey farming and biosecurity. As a cooperative, they can ensure that their turkeys are safe from disease outbreaks, which is unfortunately not uncommon while poultry farming. In the case that disease breaks out at one farm leading up to an important time (like Thanksgiving), they can still control the separate turkey farms to ensure the health of their flock from farm to farm.

Whole Turkey


These legendary birds are pasture-raised and grow up foraging in the field. Now that’s what we call living your best life.