MX Morningstar Farm

Organic veggies are good for the soul


Max and Maria 




USDA-NOP certified organic


Hudson, NY

MX Morningstar Farm is run by our friends Max Morningstar and Maria Zordan. They’re a certified organic vegetable farm previously located in the heart of Copake, NY and are now located on a retired apple orchard in Hudson, NY.

First and foremost, MX Morningstar Farm believes that soil health is essential to the health of our ecosystem, communities and the taste of our vegetables. They grow a diverse array of vegetable crops on 30 acres in the Claverack/Hudson area of New York. They are dedicated to bringing the highest quality produce to our local customers. Through farmers’ markets, restaurants, and wholesale customers, they serve communities of Eastern New York, Western Connecticut, and the Berkshires.

They believe that managing a farm in a holistic and balanced way improves the flavor and productivity of the food grown, benefitting our community and society as a whole. They farm using sustainable practices designed to maintain and build the health of our land long into the future. They grow their products without synthetic fertilizer or pesticides, and work to build soil fertility through cover crops. In any season, a portion of their land will be in vegetable production, while the remaining will be in soil-enhancing cover crops. This kind of crop rotation allows them to minimize pest and disease pressure, reduce weeds and build organic matter. MX Morningstar believes that balanced management at each part of the farm helps to create a productive whole.

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