Markristo Farm

Family Farm of the Berkshires


Martin and Christa Stosiek




Certified organic


Hillsdale, NY

Markristo Farm founders Martin and Christa Stosiek spent their first date planting 3 acres of blueberry bushes. The dream was “simple”— to create a farm that would support their family. Whether to practice organic and sustainable farming was never even a question, the two were raised on these values and luckily the community around them in the Berkshires was ready to support.

Markristo Farm prioritizes freshness, growing a variety of greens, including mesclun greens, chard, and kale. They also plant tomatoes, squashes, beets, carrots and a variety of other vegetables, including 7 acres of green beans. Martin and Christa were driven to produce the crops they would want to eat, which led to a wide variety of crops. In addition to vegetables, Christa produces specialty cut flowers in their fields, and beginning in the year 2000, they offer bedding plants to their customers. As a certified organic farm with growing practices that are both conscious for the environment and food, their plants have become quite desirable.

As active members of the Berkshires food community, they’ve found ways to support other small farmers. Martin and Christa are members of Berkshires Grown, who provide direct support and education to farmers and the public regarding food growth and choices. Through this program, Martin actually mentored Jess Camp of MX morningstar Farm (another farm partner here at Local Roots). They are passionate about supporting regional, healthy food systems and environments. After 25 years, watching first hand as the small farming community grows in Columbia County, Martin still loves being a farmer.

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