Kimchi Kooks

Seoul food inspired by NYC


Kate Kook and WooJae Chung




Raw, lacto-fermented


Brooklyn, NY

At Kimchi Kooks, fermentation is a family affair. Kate Kook and son WooJae Chung believe in the power of kimchi, drawing on the centuries old Korean tradition, they ferment, batch and pack their own family recipes by hand in Brooklyn. Kate has created unique recipes inspired by her cultural heritage and brought to life with local, seasonal ingredients.

Kate first came to New York in the 90s where she quickly noticed a gap in the kimchi market. Longing to taste the magic of small batch kimchi she remembered fondly from her childhood, she soon started making her family’s recipe. Kate and WooJae established Kimchi Kooks in 2015 and they still keep the business small, producing fewer than 1,500 jars a month. They welcome the new interest in kimchi and love introducing people to this mythical ingredient. Kimchi Kooks products are always handcrafted, made from raw ingredients, and preservative free. Packed with probiotics, kimchi is great for digestive health. Join the Kooks in their #goodgut revolution!

Classic Kimchi (Add-On)

from $12.95 per weekly harvest

Kimchi is a Korean culinary tradition with a 1,500 year recorded history, developed as a means to preserve cabbage and other vegetables naturally through fermentation.