Happy Valley Meat Co.

Responsibly raised animals, direct from farmers


Dan Honig


Pasture-raised beef


Ethically-raised meat



In 2013, Dan Honig and his partner Alex Dimin saw a gap in the supply chain between local beef farmers and their customers in the city. Dan wanted to start a business that would help connect small farmers directly with chefs, and ensure a humane system for sourcing beef. These two points created the mission for Happy Valley Meat Co. – improving the lives of the people and animals that feed us.

Today, Happy Valley purchases whole animals from local small-scale farmers and works with small processors to portion the meat and sell every part of the animal. Their plant processes 10-15 animals a week compared to 135,000 at industrial slaughterhouses. This ensures clean, humane conditions for the animals and special attention to detail. They hold strict standards for all of their farms, ensuring that animals are treated humanely from birth to slaughter and regularly visit their farm partners to maintain these high-quality farming conditions. Happy Valley is a certified B-Corp, meaning that they work to improve the lives of their employees, farmers, community and environment. They pay premium prices to farmers because they value the work they are doing. Happy Valley is proud to provide top quality local beef to professional and home chefs that is carefully sourced and ethically processed.

Sandwich Steak 1lb (Add-On)


Sandwich steak, also known as chip steak, is super thinly sliced chuck steak – the perfect match for your Philly Cheesesteak. Don’t get too hung up on the sandwich thing though. You can use this for tacos, ramen, steak salad, bulgogi, you name it! There’s no need to thaw it out, cook it on a pan or the grill straight from your freezer. The best option for a quick and easy weeknight dinner.