Egunsi Foods

Ready to heat West African foods made in NYC


’Yemisi Awosan


West African soups & sauces


Handmade, small-batch


New York, NY

When Yemisi Awosan was a teenager, she moved from Nigeria to Boston with her family, and soon after went away to college. When she moved to New York, her yearnings for her mother’s Nigerian cooking inspired her to organize supperclubs as a way to share her family recipes with others — finding comfort and friendship through sharing her Nigerian roots. These experiences are what inspired Egunsi Foods’ mission to bring people together over West African culture and foods.

Made from whole, fresh ingredients, all of Egunsi’s products are gluten and soy free as well as vegan. They’re meant to be on-the-go easy options for any meal of the day. Many of the soups and sauces are cooked for several hours with hard-to-source ingredients. Awosan grew up in Nigeria on a 10-acre farm, which rooted her passion for supporting local agriculture and farmers. They source from New Jersey, Upstate New York and Massachusetts whenever possible and have partners in Africa for other raw ingredients. Eventually, Awosan hopes to someday carve out a plot of land in West Africa to grow ingredients specifically for Egunsi Foods. Egunsi Foods prioritizes relationships and people throughout the whole process.

Obe Ata Tomato Soup

from $9.50 per weekly harvest

A classic West African dish and an exciting take on the classic and cozy tomato soup — use it as a base for stews, serve as soup, pour over rice, or pair with your favorite slice of bread. A hint of habanero and lots of time spent simmering with spices brings the flavors of this familiar dish back to life.