Brooklyn Grange

Farming on rooftops across NYC


Ben, Anastasia, and Gwen


Salad mix, vegetables


Organic soil farming on roofs


Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Grange was founded in 2010 by a "ragtag crew" that believed in the idea that rooftop farms have the potential to improve urban quality of life, create jobs, increase access to healthy fresh foods, and provide environmental and agricultural education to those of us who live in and love the city. Spanning two rooftops (43,000 square feet and 65,000 square feet, respectively) totaling to 2.5 acres, The Grange, as it is known, hopes to prove that farming can be a thriving, viable, fiscally sustainable industry in cities.

In over a million pounds of specially-made, mushroom compost-based soil, they grow dozens of crops each season and harvest about 50,000 lbs of produce every year, including top sellers like their flavorful leafy greens and fan favorites like tomatoes, peppers, and more. One of the things that sets the Grange apart is their willingness to do things the way they think is best, not the way everyone else is doing it - that means always thinking about how they can have a more positive social and ecological impact on our city. They know that the city will always rely on rural farmers for the bulk of our food, and that the relationship between urban and rural communities must be respected and celebrated. But having farms like Brooklyn Grange inside the city limits, which take advantage of unused roof space to produce delicious and accessible nutrition, is an opportunity not to be missed.

Salad Mix


1/4 lb of all-natural salad mix.