Battenkill Valley Creamery

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Seth McEachron




No artificial growth hormones


Salem, NY

The Eachron family has been milking cows in Upstate New York since 1902, and have been raising cows on their very own piece of land since 1945. We’d say that in the almost 115 years that this family operation has been at it, they’ve gotten pretty good.

But just because they’ve been milking for a long time, doesn’t mean they’ve stopped looking for ways to improve. The Eachrons continuously strive to deliver the freshest and best-tasting milk to their customers, which is why in 2008, after years of research and preparation, Battenkill Valley Creamery began bottling their very own milk. With these changes, they were able to get milk from the cow to the bottle in less than eight hours - unheard of in conventional dairy operations - meaning fresher and more flavorful milk for their customers. But don’t take our word for it - take Cornell University’s: in 2010, Cornell’s Department of Food Sciences awarded the Eachrons the award for Highest Quality Milk in New York State. As if you needed another reason to buy local.


from $5.95 per weekly harvest

Make the milk awarded Best in NY State a staple on your grocery list — free of growth hormones and full of flavor. The unbelievably creamy, rich taste is a result of this milk going from the cows to your carton in less than eight hours.